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VMware Workstation Pro Lets You Run Multiple Operating Systems as Virtual Machines (including Windows VMs) on a Single Windows or Linux PC 
VMware Workstation Pro is the industry standard for running multiple operating systems as virtual machines (VMs) on a single Linux or Windows PC. IT professionals, developers and businesses who build, test or demo software for any device, platform or cloud rely on Workstation Pro. 

Workstation Pro Delivers a Data Center in Your Laptop 
Run Multiple OSs on a Single PC 
VMware Workstation Pro allows you to run multiple operating systems at once on the same Windows or Linux PC. Create real Linux and Windows VMs and other desktop, server, and tablet environments, complete with configurable virtual networking and network condition simulation, for use in code development, solution architecting, application testing, product demonstrations and more. 

Develop and Test for Any Platform 
Workstation Pro supports hundreds of operating systems and works with cloud and container technologies like Docker. 

Connect to VMware vSphere 
Securely connect with vSphere, ESXi or other Workstation servers to launch, control and manage both virtual machines (VMs) and physical hosts. A common VMware hypervisor maximizes productivity and enables easy transfer of VMs to and from your local PC. 

Secure and Isolate Environments 
Run a secure second desktop with different privacy settings, tools and networking configurations, or use forensic tools to investigate OS vulnerabilities. Workstation provides one of the most secure hypervisors in the industry and delivers powerful features for IT security professionals.

VMware-workstation-full-14.0.0-6661328/VMware-workstation-full-14.0.0-6661328.exe  -  462.9MB
VMware-workstation-full-14.0.0-6661328/Patch.rar  -  358.9KB
VMware-workstation-full-14.0.0-6661328/Read me.txt  -  231B

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